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Classic action platformer with retro graphics, chiptunes and old school gameplay. 

In-game controls:

ARROW KEYS : Walk, duck, climb and slide
ARROW KEY UP : Use Switch/Scroll
X or SPACE BAR : Jump/Swim
Y or Z : Sprint

: Restart level from checkpoint and recharge lives (disabled in "Hard Mode")
: Unlock chambers 1-20
M : Mute music
ESC : Return to main menu

Object of play:
Collect the key to unlock next chamber's entrance.
Collect all gems to get a live or a purple gem.
Avoid bats, scorpions, pitfalls and other nasty things.
Read the scrolls in the game mindfully.

Music by NAGZ
A standalone app (MAC/PC) of this game is coming soon.

If you find any bugs or just want to left some feedback,
feel free to contact me via:


Tumblr: mazeon.tumblr.com


Thanks for playing!